New USB cable coming today

I was wanting a replacement cable to go between my NUC PC (where all my music is stored on a SSD drive)and my SGC and after looking and researching I finally bit the bullet and purchased one of these, they had a few very good reviews here in the UK (

Good luck! Do you have a playlist, or specific album, that you’ll be using to evaluate then new cable?

I do not do playlists per se, I just play music in the “now”, so to speak. I will have a closer listen to a couple of my favourite pipe organ pieces, that I know well, as well as the usual Dire Straits, Rick Wakeman, 10cc, JMJ and the like, as have been a huge fan of them since they released albums in the 70/80’s

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All well and good - some of my favorites as well - but I often have trouble finding good recordings of these (and other) faves and have found that poor recordings too often don’t benefit much from improvements to my kit/system.

Do have any recommendations for good recordings of some of the favorite artists you listed?

Thanks in advance and enjoy the new USB (?) cable.

recommendations? Probably the classic Love Over Gold CD (D/S), Equinoxe/Oxygene part 3 (JMJ) HowDare You, (10cc). Like I was telling folk on the FB group I am in (UK Audiophiles) there was a definite difference, for the better, even after just a few hours “burn in”. I do not have the best ears, but I liked what I heard over the AQ Cinnamon USB. Price wise, £79 over £234. Andit made me think I had made the right speaker and power amp choices., Amphion 3LS and M700 amps (4 months old)