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I’ve recently made some changes to our 2 channel system with two big upgrades - moving to Magico A5s and CH Precisions i1 integrated amp to go along with a Feickart Woodpecker turntable and my trusty DirectStream. I looking for a speaker cable recommendation that would work well with the Magicos and new electronics.


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Welcome and great to hear from you!

Wow, nice stuff. And welcome aboard.
Many here will agree that you can’t do much better than Iconoclast cables.


2nd the Iconoclast recommendation.

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third ! :grin:

Silversmith Fidelium. I’m just got mine and honestly they’re bettering my Cardas Clear Beyond. Stunning to say the least. I think the only challenge they have is that they might be too cheap to be taken seriously by audiophiles. :slight_smile:

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Fourth on Iconoclast speaker cables. They usuall let you trial them too if you’re conus located. If you have silk dome’s SPTPC wires or TPC if you’re on budget. The OFC maybe best if you have bright presentation with metal dome. Fof interconects UPOCC OFC.

Thanks all will check out the Iconoclast cables, seems to be lots of love

Audioquest Thunderbird, Firebird, or Dragon

Welcome @laelops

I love my VooDoo Cable Stradivarius Cremona and Amati. And for the money Granite Audio silver are explosively bang for the buck good.

Haven’t seen anybody mention Granite Audio in years. I’ve owned a pair of Don’s 861 mono block amps for many years.

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I’m sure those amps are really great. I have a pair of his silver interconnects and they are excellent.

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Pun intended?

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This is going to be very system and room dependent. Additionally one must take into consideration personal preferences. Considering your equipment, which is mighty fine in my opinion,
i’d work with the Magico/CH Precision dealer and consider their advice. I have heard the Magico’s with D’Agostino electronics and Transparent cables, not my system though. The sound was other worldly. For a value proposition and clarity in delivery the Iconoclast SPOCC interconnects and SPTPC speaker cables are worth consideration. The AudioQuest might work but I have not heard them in a similar system. The closest thing to it was Vandersteen Kentos driven by ARC electronics, which provide a totally different sound. That and AQ will most likely recommend bi-wiring with a pair for bass and a second for mid-range and up. Budget will certainly come into play. Working with a dealer or cable manufacturer who allows you to audition the cables for a period of time with a system such as your is my recommendation. If you consider Nordost Vahalla I strongly recommend listening to the Iconoclast prior to finalizing your decision. I think you will be pleased and will have saved money that can be best invested in expanding your music collection. Just my two cents.


The CH and Magico combo will likely give you a very pristine sound, so you probably want to try cables that exhibit more warmth.

With an I1 and Stenheim Alumine 3…

Iconoclast copper or silver sounded lean.
Silversmiths sounded warm.
Inakustik sounded neutral.

I would stay away from silver or silver plated as they tend to be more revealing on the top end which Magicos should already have in spades.

You should try a handful of cables to hear what you like best.


I really out to pull them back out and try them again as I haven’t used them at all since I bought the BHK 250 five years ago. They are really picky about input tubes and too hot in Florida most of the year. Maybe should carry them to the SC this Winter. Otherwise just need to sell them.

I have a full loom of Stealth Audio cables.
They seem nice.

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I’ve been using Townshend Isolda for years. It was a reference cable for a long time (I mean decades, it was first available 40 years ago) for several leading audio “experts”, like Jason Kennedy, Jimmy Hughes, Rafael Todes and others.

Max Townshend came up with a new cable a few years ago, similar principles but more vibration control, which was’s product of the year. Above my pay grade, unfortunately.

These cables are not system dependent and can be used in unmatched lengths. They are completely immune from external noise or interference from power cables and the like.