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He was a Zen guy. Cut to the chase. Which was part of why he was so funny and true.

This fundamental fact is often lost in the sauce.

… and Harpo got the girl, Chico chased the girl , and well Groucho had Mrs. Rittenhouse

Mrs. Rittenhouse was freakishly attractive, which I suppose was the point.

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Ah Mrs Rittenhouse, tonight as the moon is sneaking around the stars, I’ll be sneaking around you.

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Damn, got that wrong, it was Mrs Teasdale he was sneaking around, also played by Maggie Dumont

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An old classic…

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True Facts. The entire series is quite entertaining. And you’ll learn stuff if you’re not careful…

That and Mrs Rittenhouse was an obvious poke at established norms. Groucho pursued what she had not what she was, a tall price…

“Wot?” “Hifi!”

Fab! - their PotY is scheduled to show up here on Friday. (Basks in artificial feeling of reassurance) :cowboy_hat_face:

Umm!!! The reason it’s called What Hi*Fi is simple…they are all deaf… :rofl:

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“That blowed up Reeeal Good!” - Billy Sol Hurok

One of a similar size washed up on a beach in MA in the 60’s our family used to frequent, and they simply towed it out to sea.

A more rational idea, certainly.

Hang on - shouldn’t this be in the special non-music YT thread you started on my behalf? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. This did have nice sonics, though. Especially the falling chunks.

Excellent thinking! Moved. Thanks.

I remember

As far as our explosive friend, Moby had the last laugh.

The whale doesn’t like Cadillac’s obviously

@Elk That was hilarious. Thanks for sharing :smile:

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