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This thing is off the charts

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Gives some insight why cables do or don’t work in a given system.

Interesting “Audiophile” BNC cable

One of the reasons I like Steve’s YouTube reviews is that he tends to give you a lot of good context information about the kit employed:

And, he makes a conscious effort to edit his content to make it relatively concise and to the point.

(Something I wish most all reviewers would understand they so need to do. I can’t get through most reviews or other blogging content on YouTube without lots of skipping ahead or down right abandoning the effort. Usually, not the case with “The Audiophiliac”.)

I learned a lot about the speakers, amps and preamps he used in this review that was just as interesting as the target piece of kit.

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That interview at Sunset was hilarious! Having Niko Bolas on hand was the icing on the cake.

I didn’t skim the entire thread yet to see if it has been mentioned, but the Sunset Sound interview with David Paich and Steve Porcaro is also well worth watching, as is the more recent interview with Lee Sklar. All these cats played on thousands of songs throughout the years.

Ah yes talented Mr. Sklar…

“Hey Lee, this is ____ from the group ____, do you know the bass lines from our album Tra…”


“Great, we need you to fill in on our tour - would you like rehearsa…”


Oh… Ok, when do think you might be ready to pl…"