Happy Perihelion

Warming my hands as we pass 3M miles closer to the sun than 6 months from now. Of course those in Australia in particular are likely feeling the heat a bit more than the Northerners at this point, and wish the Sun would bugger off for a bit.:man_shrugging:t2:

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It sounds like something that one would have surgically removed from a foot.

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I have three perihelions on my backside at the moment. It is something us chronic listeners are prone to unfortunately🤷🏻‍♂️

The devastating fires in Australia are horrible.

I’m assuming the fires are in @Brodric’s general vicinity. I’ve wondered how he has fared.

He is, and has been, free and welcome to post here. Any propaganda to the contrary is fake news. As he posted a while back, he was off on a long-ish cruise to Vietnam. Hopefully his house/area was not affected in the interim.

This is one of those things that also bums me out about Global 24/7 Digital Media - not only do you not have any idea of the veracity of your chosen news outlet, but when those of us in the Western Hemisphere read daily about/look at photos of/read stories of the Fires in Australia, we don’t necessarily have any idea of the location or how widespread it is (bigass country like the US), and are susceptible to the same sort of bias as anyone in another part of the world might be if say, PS Audio was located in CA during the fires they’ve had there this year.

OMG! Is your house/business burning down? Uh - we are 500 miles from there.

At the same time, we are reading about every murder, theft and whathaveyou…Globally.

Prior to these days, we would never have heard (and never did hear) of the Thousand Natural Shocks the Flesh was Heir to in the 50 United states and the Hundreds of Countries across the globe.

I know some Aussies near some of the fires (there are many, many fires). Their reports are terrifying.

Map of the fires:

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Happy Birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday ol’ Mongo, Happy Birthday to me!
I infested the planet on June 17, 1958. Don’t think the planet has been the same since.

Keep rockin,

goes back to isolation


That may be because my wife was born on the same day (date and year). Happy birthday!

Tell the missus I hope she had a great birthday. Spent mine with the wifey, and ignored the phone: perfect.



Thanks Mongo. We spent hers together, sort of. She was working on one floor and I on another (we live in New York City so still socially distancing and working from home). We plan to celebrate more properly when circumstances permit. Glad yours was more pleasant.