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I worked at Hooker Chemical in Michigan during that time and yes it was a very unsafe place to work.
It was on a 20 acre (or larger) wooded site and I never saw one living animal for the short time I was there.
Plenty of barrels of unknown material stacked in piles in the woods and a few drying ponds where they would let the liquid waste evaporate away and then drum up the solid waste for burial or simply above ground dump sites.

Yes! Let’s destroy art!

I found it offensive.

I like my iPad and yeah, that was a mistake or I don’t know…

Super duper cryogenic tubes.

I’m curious if anyone has tried these CryoTone tubes in their BHK or other PS Audio products? A little more expensive compared to new production tubes, but less than many of the NOS tubes. Sounds like this proprietary cryogenic process produces the goods, and extends the life of the tube.

Thanks for posting! A fine component indeed.

Edit: Having heard the MPD-8 DAC it is an incredible sounding piece. Unfortunately OCD Mikey’s description does it no justice IMO. It is worth seeking an audition. A most musical sounding DAC drawing one into the music in a natural manner.
Summing up the review:
Atop cover that is 1" inch thick anodized aluminum, offering sonic, EMI, and RFI isolation.
Three independent oversized dedicated linear pwer supplies featuring mu-metal shielded toroidial transformers. 150, 000 microfarads of capacitance for each power supply. One power supply feeds the digital input board, te remaining two feed the left and right channel DAC boards.
AT&T glass optical inputs providing noise isolation. Digital input board with dedicated right and left channel digital input conversion to DSD, that feeds the channel dedicated DACS.
Dedicated right and left channel dacs with FPGA DACs.
The unit offers digitally controlled analog volume control, and no need to use a preamplifier for a digital based system.

General comments:
From what I see the lower chassis looks to be stamped steel or aluminum, and rather thin in comparison to the top cover.
No mention of acoustic isolation via bottom mount feet, provisions for galvanic isolation, or seperate analog section power supplies.
The unit is at its best when feed from the Playback server.

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