Nuraphone adaptive headphones

I’ve got a pair of Sennheiser HD580. They work for me. Recently, I tried the Massdrop HD6XX (HD650 voice) but they simply didn’t offer me anything over the 580, and less comfort. I also tried Mr. Speaker Aeon Flow closed, and like what I heard but they simply didn’t fit me well and were 7x the cost of the 580!

I’ve got these Nuraphones on their way to try out. I’ve also got a AptxHD bluetooth transceiver (selectable) to go wireless from the BHK preamp. :grinning:

I’ll report back what I find. Oh, I have no connection but found this review with a link to save 20%, worked fine.

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Received the headphones, very nice build quality. I put them on just for a moment (at work) and don’t believe the in-ear portion is going to be a problem at all for me. Hope to get the setup done tonight and give some feedback shortly thereafter.

My day ended early so I’ve had about an hour with the Nuraphones. Setup was no issue. Here are my initial observations and reactions.

The analog cable ($20) is junk. Lots of hum and hiss through it. The Aptx HD signal is pretty darn good though. The sound of the personalized profile is OK. The generic isn’t as bad as some reviewers make it out to be. Unfortunately, the overall sonic performance is rather lackluster. The highs are definitely not extended and free, and the bass is Ok but not super well defined. Their ‘immersion’ mode simply boosts ~80Hz to stupid levels. Vocals are acceptable though my HD580 kill the Nuraphones across the board. I’m afraid the Nuraphone is simply not up to the task of conveying any of the special qualities of DS and/or BHK preamp. That said,

I’ll use the next couple weeks to decide if I’ll keep them or not. They are a decent BT headphone and a solid first product. I have experienced a couple of disturbing BT signal interruptions that were not so pleasant but I don’t have any experience with others BT headphones so I don’t know if it’s my environment or the phones at fault.

I really don’t need any more time with these. They color the sound too significantly and feel very closed in, center of the head sound. There is essentially no air around anything in the presentation. There is significant compression of dynamic sounds as well, not at all hifi after a while.

They are probably better than most ‘regular’ people’s headphone experience, hence the reviews/reactions but I’m sorry to say they simply don’t meet this boys standards for fidelity, nor comfort. There is no way to tighten the headband to earcup union, one side is loose enough to slide down over time putting pressure on the inner ear…

Back they’ll go, hope this helps others…

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