NuWave DAC still a good buy in 2020?

Hifi friends, TMR has a few NuWave DACS for sale (used). Is this several year old DAC still a good buy in 2020? For the same money, I could buy a Schiit Bifrost 2 for example. Another way of asking the same question, was the NuWave so good in its day (which I’m sure it was) that it still beats a $700 DAC today?

I bought a NuWave (pre-DSD) DAC for about 500 some months back. I’m VERY happy with it–I am using it with a DVR and an Audiolab CDT6000. I am using it in conjunction with a PS Audio GCHA headphone amplifier.

Sound is very good. With the Audiolab transport the sound reminds me strongly of the PerfectWave transport and PWD Mk II that I used for years, very similar (which means very good) sound especially using the XLR outputs.

Now I don’t have a lot of experience with DACs. My amplification became so good about ten years ago (and has improved since) that I was looking for the very best digital front end I could find. I ended up with the PWT/PWD Mk II for years and then the DMP/DSD combo. I bought the NuWave to use in a headphone only system in the bedroom and it has exceeded my expectations there. I would conclude by saying that it is definitely worth checking out, especially if you can audition and return if dissatisfied.

I had a Nuwave DSD DAC a couple years ago. I thought I could do better. Got a Gungnir Multibit. Nope. Dull and lifeless to me. Moved up to the Yggdrasil, analog 2, USB 5. Great detail. Upgraded to their new Unison USB. Better still.

And yet I went back to my Nuwave DSD. It’s just more musical to me in my PSAudio system. Yggdrasil is for sale now. :blush: