I'm looking for a nuwave dac, is it worth it?

hello and i wish you all a great year. i own the triangle comete bookself speakers and a REL sub, i listen to music from my pc , and most of the time i listen from youtube, the connection from the pc is from a latest version hdmi from the video card to my tv , from my tv to an sony intergrated av via an optical cable , i put a synergestic reaserch power cable on the pc an QED basic biwire cables , the sound is clear and the set up is great, i would like to have the imaging as Paul explains it in his videos . so i am looking for a used nuwave or older dac , with no volume control and then i plan to find an older power amp to connect with xlr, without any pre amp. i dont plan to buy any software to listen to music. i think paying 400 for a dac and 500 for an amp is ok for my budget. I listen to heavy metal and watch movies via the same system .is it worth it guys ? what are your opinions?

I have a NuWave DSD which I think sounds incredible. Still very viable and maybe you could pick one up for a song.

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thank you for your response kerosene , did it ever need any restoration or service ?

The NuWave was and still is a great sounding DAC. For what it’s worth, I can’t remember ever really hearing about one needing to come in for service. Built well!

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I have the pre-DSD version I use in a headphone only system. Sounds very good, a lot like my PWD Mk II used to. Very happy with it, have no issues with it at all.

I think you’ll be happy with a nuwave. I own the DSD version and have owned both the non-DSD version and the DL III. I like the sound of the DSD version over the non-DSD version. If you opt for the DSD version make sure to check that the USB connector has proper channel output. I had to send mine back for factory service as there was a known problem with the USB device. Worth fixing. The DL III was my first DAC, I really liked it. The NuWave replaced it. The difference between the two was asynchronous clocking. You may not care about that. Happy hunting!

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I bought my NuWave DSD just as they were being discontinued and it’s been flawless. Fingers crossed but PSA seems to have built them to last, or at least mine has not skipped a beat.