Octave or Bridge III?


Am considering a DirectStream JR purchase. Is there to be a Bridge III or is Octave the new Bridge III?.
Bit confused,


Paul talked about a Bridge iii being developed. He posted the Bridge ii didn’t have enough horsepower to operate Octave. He also posted that there would be an upgrade /trade in path from users moving from the Bridge ii to Bridge iii.

There’s some discussion on it in the “We’d like some help with Octave” thread. Paul weighed in on possible cost and trade in opportunities for Bridge upgrades.


To add to netspecht-2’s repsonse, Octave is the software they are developing for the new server. While I can’t recall the most recent estimate for release of the new server, it will be sometime next year. Paul has said the Bridge III (not the official name) will run the Octave software and will be released sometime after release of the server, so I would guess a minimum six months later. Presumably they want to get Octave functional for public release before trying to incorporate into Bridge III. One other thing, Bridge I and II were based on hardware/software developed by ConversDigital, Bridge III will be developed entirely by PS Audio. Given all that Bridge III is a long way off. Further complicating it for DS Jr owners, PS Audio is not sure how, or if, they will be able to retrofit Bridge III into the DS Jr. Not great news for a potential purchaser, but something to consider.