Octave Questions

I’m jealous :you’ve answered to @magicknow (and his great news) but not mine :grinning:

I still don’t know if there will be an equipment with and internal disc to read downloaded music. Downloaded music is increasing and allows higher resolution. If people can play them, something is missing.

Will it be roon ready ? A least for marketing : I’m not a big fan of roon but I know many people who consider only roon ready (or tested) streamers. They don’t even look at the others.

With the drive and the streamer, we have no HMDI I2S left on our DAC

@jamesh @Paul Obviously, all staff of PS-AUDIO no longer answer me. Not on threads, not on PMs, not on client service.

If this is right, just let me know and I’ll leave this forum. No problem at all.

I’m stuck to “Basic”, there must be good reasons but I can’t find them. May be @Elk can let me know what I’ve missed and am lacking

Not to be argumentative but, may I suggest emailing either or both directly? I’d like to think the results will be to your satisfaction. Publicly complaining is hardly an effective motivator IMO. Possibly @Elk can provide you with their email info.
Wishing you the best in your pursuit of a meaningful solution.


@Elk @Paul @jamesh, TJT (I think I’ve bought AC-12, I just want to be sure, I can’t even have it checked - of course I don’t want any replacement) can’t provide their email info as they don’t answer my mails. Furthermore as other members of the staff don’t read my mails, I’ll never get the answer.
He hasn’t answered my question on my previous post.
He is free.
If publicly complaining is not aneffective motivator after individual one has failed where is freedom ?
I’m no longer considered as a PS-Audio client.
So they just make thing clear (they can answer me by pm and then destroy those posts) and I buy the holo KTE DAC.
And be happy if I leave, I would have opened another jazz thread (a different one).

Paul does not get PMs. if you want to contact him directly his address is Paul@psaudio.com.

James’ email is Jamesh@psaudio.com.

As for your questions as to Octave I see you asked:

Will there be onboard storage for music files?

Will it be Roon ready?

Is there anything else/something I missed?

Someone should be along within a day or two with answers, or at least their best prediction. My understanding is the products remain in flux.


Regarding the Strictly Jazz Sounds thread you are free to post anything you care to that you feel fits the genre jazz. No one is preventing or blocking posts to that thread. As well you are free to start any thread you may choose as long as it is within the Forum’s posting guidleines.

I initiated the thread as a means to introduce those to my concept of jazz with a bias to living and breathing participants. My taste tends to forms that challenge the generally accepted notion of jazz. As well my intent was and continues to be to introduce forms and artists that a typical “Audiophile” may not be exposed to. My choice, my taste, my initiative.

Here is a link to the thread intro establishing the basis for creating it in the first place. Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Waller, Art Tatum and Erroll Garner have their place within the thread as does Jim Baker, Peter Brotzmann and Vijay Iyer. To my way of thinking keeping jazz alive implies constant change, evolution, and a strong element of experimentation. As such efforts are not always well understood nor successful. That is part of the enjoyment of exploring music, be it jazz or otherwise. I do look forward to you sharing you jazz preferences on Strictly Jazz Sounds.

Regarding Octave Music I’d welcome their releasing jazz that is a little more forward thinking. Hint, Hugh Ragin, Bill Frisell and Ron Miles are each in the Denver Colorado area. Of course it is not my dime. :blush:


Paul does not get PMs ? So why is it possible to send him ?

Not exactly : my uestion is will there be a product with onboard storage with music files. It can be the Octave, the future DAC or any of the future products (I think Mr. Paul McGowan announced “other poducts” to be released before the Octave and the DAC).
It’s "will it be Roon ready or Roon certified.

There is another issue, I’d need the adresses of all the staff in charge of the forum to ask the same question. It seems it’s more convenient

I forgot, will there be one version or more (eg.one streamer, another streamer/ server). If so, how much more would cost the “higher version” ? thanx

You’re an audiophile, I’m a “mélomane” (can’t find a good english translation). You’re free with “my choice, my taste, my initiative”.

But I don’t think I could bring anything to you thread, our concept of Jazz are too far one from the other. I haven’t understood your conception of Jazz nor what is the “generally accepted notion of Jazz”. I’ve met and spoken to tens of musicians of no interest for you. None could give me a definition of Jazz.

If I open a thread, I hope there will be less “my” and more “we”

@jack_nessuno Please open your thread. :thinking:


Will more information about the Octave SW be available before the HW is on the market?

Hopefully. Ages ago I got to play around with an alpha version of the SW and it was pretty intuitive, nice to work with, and visually very pretty. I’m betting we’ll want folks to test it for a while before the hardware is available.

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I too am a lover of music (melomane), and music comes first to me regardless of label or genre. I believe we may have a communication or translation difficulty. That said, the Strictly Jazz Sounds thread is open to you or anyone else for that matter to openly discuss music that they feel fits the the thread. It is not meant to be exclusive but to include as you say the “we”. I do believe in diversity and openness. I also believe in supporting musicians who are currently active on the scene. By support I mean to say I sponsor local music events, recommend musicians I am acquainted with, and actively purchase their music.


I don’t like the translation “music lover” for “mélomane”.

I believe in trying to get dead musicians so that they are not forgotten.

I’ve suggested Octave records to record a 93 years pianist who did the two Franks (recorded both with Sinatra an Zappa), had his first gig at 15 when Dizzy asked him to sit at the piano and while they were playing “All the things you are”, Bird arrived. He also stayed at the piano fo one hour while Art was in the room, recorded with Lester, Webster, Goodman, Artie Shaw and many others (Was the pianist on the first recordings of Tony Bennett to). He was a closed friend of Duke Ellington but refused when Duke wanted to hire him after Strayhorn’s death : he wanted to protect his family life. He also refused to be hired Dinah Washington who offered him a full year payment for 12 weeks working in the year. Obviously, Octave Records found my idea silly. Im to old now

I do read all of these and chime in when appropriate. Yes, we will, probably in 2022, have an upper end PerfectWave Streamer with internal storage. It will be Octave based, meaning it will rely upon our Octave Music Management software. We will make it also a Roon End Point but that is not a Roon player like their NUC.

The first octave product you will see will happen later in 2021 when the Octave Streamer will launch. This will be a lower cost unit that has no internal storage (though it does have external USB access for a hard driver full of music or network access to a NAS).

It too will be Octave Based and it too will be a Roon End Point (like our Bridge).


Melomane is also an English word, in use for roughly a couple of centuries.

It is a good word, rarely encountered.


Thank you, Paul.

Many are looking forward to the Octave offerings. I know I am.


@Paul Other than the internal storage, can you reveal a bit more about the difference between the PerfectWave and Octave Streamer?


BTW - I know there are mixed feelings on the Forum regarding Roon’s sound quality, but I am fan and am excited that these devices will be Roon Ready. Thanks!

I can’t really go into a lot of depth because we’ve only been working in earnest on the lower cost streamer. The PerfectWave version will be more feature laden for sure: internal hard drive, built in ripper. Both will be galvanically isolated on their outputs but the PerfectWave has a much more sophisticated output stage. More than that I can’t really comment.


Thanks for sharing what you can. I am certain that this will help influence many of our near term system design and purchasing decisions. I have experimented extensively with various endpoints and interfaces between endpoints and the DS. While I have had some very good results, with the exception of the BII, they all feel cobbled together. I really like the simplicity of the BII, less cabling, power supplies, and fairly unattractive little black boxes. It will be great to have a PSA grade component.

Best regards,

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