Octave Records PS Audio

Can I rip them to Audirvana?

I have never heard of “DoP” files. What kind of files are they ? DSF? DFF? If they are DSF or DFF, you can stream them using a variety of applications, including Roon. I do it every day without using DoP.

As far as I know and have read, DoP is a way to encapsulate DSD data inside PCM envelope so certain devices can send and/or receive DSD data. This is done on the fly with the source files being DSD in ISO, DSF, or DFF formats.

If you are talking streaming to the DirectStream Jr. over the Bridge II, I am pretty sure that mconnect supports DoP64 and Roon is able to send DoP64 to the Bridge II.

Some people like to convert their DSD to DoP and save that to a file. Then they can play that file with any 24/176.4 (and bit perfect) capable chain, that is they don’t need their favorite player to know about DoP, for example many disc spinners.
I’m not a fan of that practice since there’s nothing to say how many DSD bits are in the last PCM sample and (worse) if a file has an odd number of PCM samples then there will be an error if two such files are played back to back (tho the DS does allow rare repeated DoP flags.)

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Only DSD capable DACs can play DSD, DoP or not. So, if you have a FLAC file that is really a DoP file, there is no easy way to tell it contains DSD. So, if you play to a DAC that does not support DoP and DSD internally, the file won’t play and there won’t be an apparent reason why.

No wonder I never heard of DoP files…because they are a really bad idea.

I’m not surprised DSD never caught on big time, Thought I was on the Acronyms Anonymous website. The good news for some is Roon Core now does native DSD, if you have a DAC that does DSD, which I don’t any more.

Just received my copy today. Sounds like a real piano in my room!!! A little wide, but that’s OK. Kind of fill the back spaces behind the speakers with a live piano. And that’s playing it with my DMP. But the data disk sounds even better if that’s possible. I downloaded the files to my Aurender and with the fully loaded Matrix, cables, and power supply, it outperformed the DMP. Only thing, the tracks did not come out in the same order, but it doesn’t matter, it’s all there.


Hi @jamesh @Paul

It’s only available in DSD64?

Why not DSD128 or DSD256, without the ultrasonic noise near the audio band.


Funny, I got the songs in the wrong order as well and figured I messed up somewhere. Glad it’s not just me. I see them in alphabetical order off the data disk and the CD ripped as proper order

What was your order to delivery timeline?

I ordered my copy on 6/11 when Scott e-mailed me it was available. I received it yesterday afternoon on 6/18.
I fired up my DMP since I haven’t used it for awhile and it was amazing. The DMP sounded really good. I’m glad they gave me a data copy also. I loaded it into my server and it sounded even better. That’s my preferred digital format since it is the best sounding. The music is really nice also.

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Hey, just curious, how long is it taking for people to get theirs? I ordered mine on the 11th…still no word yet and I live in Seattle Wa.

I ordered on the 12th and no shipping notice either. I called to confirm they received the order, but that’s all I know.

I started this thread right before I ordered it but have not received it yet, I am in Maryland though

I ordered on Jun 11 and received shipping notice a few days later. Have not received the package yet but haven’t checked Saturday’s mail yet either.

I ordered on June 11 , and no shipping notification yet.


Lol You started this thread and don’t have it yet?

@badbeef was taking pictures of it at the top of the thread. How did @badbeef and others seem to already have it the day after it came out?

Ordered mine on the 10th, now 11 days later no definitive word …no shipping notice
as of yet …

I would hope PSA is shipping fifo first in first out…but apparently not

So … can’t but wait

Plenty of music to listen to in the meantime. :slight_smile:


I ordered on the 11th and still waiting. No biggie really, sometimes stuff takes awhile. Shipping and tracking info would be nice though.


Suppose it takes 10 min to process an order, so 6 orders for one hour, or 48 orders for 8 hr. Make it 50 orders a day (8hr work day). Suppose two guys work on the orders, (100 orders processed per day). There are 1000 copies, so, takes 10 work days to process all. Suppose order processing started on 11st, then by 24th, all 1000 copies will be shipped. Say, take 1 week to reach me, so, I expect to see my copy in my mailbox by July 1. :slight_smile: