Octave Release: Audiophile Masters Volume VI

Just arrived:

Looking forward to listening as soon as I can.

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When you have a chance see if the 192/24 file is on the data disc.


There is a folder for those files but it is empty.

All the other folders (44.1, 96 and “DSD”) are populated.

Checking the “Everlasting Dance” disc next.

Are you already chasing PS Audio about this?

The “Everlasting Dance” files are all where they are supposed to be.

Here is my theory. I noticed that the “DSD” folder on the Volume VI disc has .dsf and .wav files, which I believe is unusual. I’ll bet the .wav files are the “missing” 192/24 files.

Check your disc and let me know what you find, please.

Happy cake day @scotte1


The 192/24 files are in with the DSD files.