Gasoline Lollipops

New Record Day!

Just arrived:

Looking forward to ripping the files and giving it a spin on the DMP/DS Sr, and streaming via JRMC/DS Sr./Bridge II Ethernet Card…


Music is totally enjoyable!

Now about the sound. I still prefer the 24bit 192k version over the DSD. PCM sounds a little more explicit. I wonder if it’s the larger file of the PCM or the faster transfer rate, 9.2 Mbps of PCM vs 5.6 Mbps of DSD during playback, or it’s something else, but DSD seems to lose a little in SQ compared with 24bit 192k. It may also be that my system has changed a bit since the earlier Octave releases when I preferred DSD over PCM for the smoother sound.

I do object to the electronically manipulation of the voice in many of the tracks though. Sounds harsh like early CD’s with a lot of distortion. I like listening more to his natural voice.

Enjoyed your comments…

I’ll have to do some comparative listening to the different resolutions. You say the 24/192 “rings true” to you the most?

Yes, 24/192 sound like “more there” in my system. It could be my system just does PCM better, I don’t know. Compare the two versions in your system and see if you agree.

How do the bits get to your DAC and what bit spinner and DAC are you using?

For reference, I have Roon and JRMC to stream to the Bridge II and the PSA DS DAC and the PSA DMP to spin the SACD layer to the DS via I2S.


I purchased the files, not the SACD. I downloaded the two files to my hard drive, one 24/192, the other DSD64 and play back on my streamer for the comparison.

Are you using dcS stuff?

No, I’m using an Esoteric N-03t streamer.

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I was thinking more of the DAC - just curious, since their stuff is DxD oriented.

Perhaps I obtained a defective copy? Very strong hiss in the left channel on the SACD disc, which is not present in the data disc, and the data disc metadata is all off, with a random track order. Is anyone else having this problem?

Agreed, lead is at his best with his unstrained, natural voice…

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Actually not a defect. Apparently I needed to update the firmware on the SACD transport.

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Good news

One of the best, if not the best, Octave releases so far. The sound quality is excellent and I really enjoy the music

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I’d love to see them live. I looked at their schedule and it appears it is all Colorado. I would like to see them here at Roots HQ in Fayetteville.
They would fit in well.

Listened to first couple tracks just on phone … I liked the music and it sounded good on my iPhone speaker. Lol. Sounds like something my Maggies would enjoy.

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Just bought and downloaded the files from PS Audio. Great music, great recording! Congrats and thanks to both Gasoline Lollipops and the recording/mastering team! :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, thumbs up for Octave Records’s commitment to fair pay for artists! :+1: Fair pay for artists has become an issue in times of streaming… happy to pay a premium for recordings like these and a fair pay for the artists.


Welcome @_Sven !

I heartily agree with you, especially paying artists.


Thanks, Sven. I love this album and the singer, Clay, is among the best.

I noticed that Gasoline Lollipops released their own version of their ‘Nightmares’ album in CD format. Same cover but no Octave Records logo on the front.

I guess they used the Octave Records tracks and did their own mixing/editing/mastering?

I am curious to compare the Nightmares DSD files from Octave Records with what is available for streaming on Qobuz once I find the time.