Octave Remastered Series

I just noticed on Qobuz and three titles to buy on Amazon Erroll Garner recordings stating that they are Octave Remastered Series. Are these the work of Gus? They sound mighty nice.

I have a lot of SACD ‘s various genres, I happened to notice that I have several remasters by Gus ,SACD Elton John remastered albums I never paid much attention however when I play them they are noticeably much higher in sound quality, upon reading The engineers on the production of the CDs I see that they been remastered by Gus for the DSD layer nice job.


“Octave” and Gus were not associated terms until recently. And for that matter, still are not in reality/in terms of output.

Octave is an over-used moniker and I think PSA will regret using this name.

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I’m afraid you may be right.

As Winston notes with his link the answer is “No.” Octave Music was a record label that Erroll Garner started to release his music many years ago. No affiliation with the PS Audio current label.

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