No More SACDs at Octave Records?

I just noticed two new releases over on the Octave Records site. Neither are offered on SACD.

I hope this does not mean SACDs have been discontinued because I prefer to purchase physical media.

@Paul: Please say it isn’t so. I have bought every single release to date from Octave records - on SACDs. I hope this isn’t the end of my journey and exploration of new music with you and Octave Records.



Completely independent of PSA, my guess is, that disks, at least wIill get expensive. Honestly, they don’t make much sense anymore. You don’t get most of the hires formats, cars have no players anymore, shops probably have decreasing sales of them…it’s running out in my perception.

Nope. We’re running late on these and will have SACD versions for them in a few weeks.


Great news.

I offer only one perspective, but I like owning a physical recording media and am grateful you have chosen to support .dsf/DSD and the SACD format.

Keep up the great work.



I’m all disc as well. Great news.


Good morning Paul.

Any update on when latest Octave Records releases will be available on SACD?



Next week!


Great news. Operators (and my $) are standing by.

Thanks Paul.

Waiting breathlessly! Really excited!

Yon PST has a lean and hungry look!

Happy to hear!

Sure streaming decreased sales of physical media significantly. But I trust that we have seen the bottom of the decline. As physical media is becoming more popular again CD’s or disks in general will become more expensive, we’ve all seen that happening with vinyl. But they will not disappear. For in the car I don’t care and actually embrace streaming. I just need to ask Siri to play the desired song or album. But at home, I just love to see the medium moving in a steadfast pace, like it’s taking me to that piece of mind when I watch it. The cover art cannot be replaced either.
What has changed is the way to explore new music. Since, very sadly the last record store was closed in town, it has taken away the opportunity to flip through the buckets with records or CD’s or talk to fellow music lovers that happen to share the same crazy love for physical media.
So I now explore music on-line by streaming and put the albums I like on my wishlist for birthdays or Christmas and once in a while I spoil myself. CDs and LPs are a perfect gift.


And…they are here:

Ripped and ready.

Looking forward to streaming and spinning them soon…

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Love PS Audio SACD’S playing some of my favorites on my new PST