Octobass: New Way to See if Your System is Full Range

Now this is a bass: https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2019/01/05/jonathan-camps-and-nicola-moneta-amazing-grace-with-an-octobass/

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I wonder how much is lost in Youtube compression?

Played back on laptop speakers works fine.

Not really the effect I was hoping for. Sounds better thru main system but level is very low.

It sounds like it was recorded with the camera or phone the video was shot on. I feel like I can’t hear the direct mic feeds, just the house sound (bass on right sounds further away). Pretty cool though. Be interesting to hear the recording!

Agreed. I’d like to hear the C0 - 16hz. I know I can’t but my subs will reproduce it and feel/hear it.

Haven’t read someone say they can’t hear 16Hz if it is actually produced/played back at an audible level. E.g. Pipe Organ recital, Steely Dan concert. You can at least feel it ; )

Contrary to high frequencies where they get REALLY close together, sounds below 20Hz sort of transition from “music” into discrete beats (16 per second, in the case of CO) - just as our visual ability to string pictures together into a semblance of reality starts crapping out below 24 frames per second)

You can feel it and, even more impressive, it reinforces that which is above it harmonically. It is a wonderful expression of power.

I have trouble accepting however that an upright bass, not matter how big, is going to energize enough air to make this meaningful other than in perhaps a small space. But then you do not get room reinforcement, etc.