Orbi satellite -> stock switch -> NUC

Currently I have my Roon NUC in a different location way from listening room. NUC is powered by LPS. I have stock (5 year old) cisco linksys switch connected to Orbi satellite which is providing network to NUC.

Even though in the listening room… I have made sure network noise/phase isolation is taken care using ER and OR, I’m thinking may be the linksys providing network to NUC is a poor option. Should I replace the stock switch with add some audiophile grade Ethernet switch on the NUC end?

Isn’t the ER considered an audiophile switch? I have a similar set up to you except the ER is connected to the satellite but I have wondered if adding a LPS to the satellite would make a difference. Given the isolation the ER provides I’m trying to convince myself it won’t.

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@nycenglish is correct. No need for more equipment. Put you internet feed into the B port of the ER and then all your audio stuff on the A side, including the NUC.

Sorry for my ignorance, but was is the ER?

Uptone EtherRegen