Output from Coax is not working


I am trying to connect DMP’s Coax output to a non DS Dac. DMP is not sending the output at all.

I am using high quality RCA Digital Coax cable (Audioquest Coffee). But no luck.

When I connect the same cable from my Sonos to the Das it works perfectly fine.

Any idea what is going on ?



Are you using the correct coax output? Looking at the photo of the rear of the DMP, the coax nearest the center of the player is the one you have to use. The others, like the I2S below them are for rear, and sub/center channel.

Try that, if that is the one you are using, then, it is either some setting in the menus, or the DMP, may need service.

Great suggestion @jeffstarr

Try going into the DMP’s settings, and select the output to be RedBook.

Also, make sure that you have it plugged into the Front output, and not the rear or sub.


Yes, I did make all the connections as it is supposed to be. It didn’t work.

Actually, the problem was with the Coax cable itself. The Audioquest Coffee cable uses something called DBS (Dielectric Bias System) which was prohibiting the sound to come out for some reason. Without DBS and with other Coax cable it is working fine now.


Very interesting. DBS is passive. I would never anticipate it would cause a problem. Good sleuthing.