Did I miss this? Question about outputs.

Is there a way to get the other two outputs of the DMP to send out the same signal as the main (Stereo) outputs? Or, is there a way for either of the other two outputs to send out anything at all if a RBCD is playing?

Just to clarify the question…because I don’t have the answer, you want to know if it’s possible to mirror all I2S outputs of DMP to the stereo output?

…and if I may add my own question relating to DMP outputs.

My DMP is connected via AES/EBU to a DAC. I have just bought the Dire Straits Brothers in Arms 20th Anniversary Edition SACD and indications on the DMP display “DSD Stereo”. The DAC is locking on to DMP at 176.4K however there is no sound. Why is the DMP output being muted in this configuration? Surely DMP should output PCM 176.4K when playing SACD?

I don’t know the design of the DMP and may not understand your full configuration, but since there’s not any way to handshake over S/PDIF, AES/EBU, etc. the DMP should never send more than 24/88.2 PCM over those links if you are playing a DSD layer of an SACD…

Further if you have the DMP both plugged into a PS Audio DAC that supports DSD over the I2S inputs and you try to use another output from the DMP, I’d expect that output to be either muted or (perhaps) send 24/88.2k PCM.

If you have he DMP both plugged into a PS Audio DAC that supports DSD over the I2S and there’s a bug in the DMP, is may be sending DoP out the other outputs and your other DAC may not understand DoP and will end up playing very low level DSD as PCM which often sounds like a muted input.

I set SACD mode of DMP to RedBookCD and my DAC is still detecting 172.4K PCM on AES/EBU and playing silence. I give up.

Talk to PS Audio customer support since no one else seems to be reading this thread.

I’ve just worked out for the SACD mode change to take effect you need to open/close the disc tray. So now, with SACD mode set to RedBookCD, when playing a SACD the AES/EBU output is now active to my external DAC. Playing a SACD with SACD mode set to stereo SACD, the AES/EBU output is 172.4 PCM of silence.

Now I’m perplexed why the RedBookCD layer clearly sounds better than the SACD layer.