P10 and Stillpoints query

Hi … I’m wondering if anyone has used Stillpoints Ultra SS with their regenerator, P10, P5 or P3?

(I’ve read the Old thread but it doesn’t cover the queries I have.)

From what I’m reading to get the best out of the Stillpoints it’s best to get adaptors to allow the Stillpoints to replace the original feet, rather than just placing the Stillpoints under the equipment.

The adaptor would have the same thread as the P10 foot and screws into the Stillpoint which is then screwed into the P10 base.

I have a P10 and a set of the Stillpoints Ultra SS coming so I’ve the following queries.

Can the P10 feet be removed easily?

How are they attached to the P10, by screws?

Can they simply be unscrewed, or does the P10 need to turned over and use a screwdriver to remove the feet?

What’s the thread of the screw to allow me to request the appropriate adaptor?

(The Stillpoints website has list of all the adaptor sizes available.)

For clarification the best way to use the Stillpoints is to replace the original equipment feet with Stillpoints and ensure there is a bit of slack between the Stillpoints and the P10 base, i.e. tighten up but then do a quarter turn to back off, this helps the isolation features of the Stillpoints. The adaptor which will be the connecting piece between the Stillpoint and the P10 should be slightly loose at both ends, don’t tighten at either end.

Got my Stillpoints today and tried them under my P10.

They raise the P10 by a considerable amount enabling me to check the original feet. They are a long rectangle block with a dimpled rubber pad attached to it so without damaging the rubber pad it looks impossible to remove.

Pretty impressed with the Stillpoints which replaced Black Ravioli big feet obviously just placed under the P10.

Much cleaner sound, lower background noise allowing more detail through.

I have also put my stillpoints ultra SS under my P10. There is very obvious improvement with no drawback.

The legs on P10 cannot be removed without really taken everything in the chassis out and access the screws under them.

Where you do support the P10 using your stillpoints? I find them more effective towards the centre of the machine where the transformer is located. The outer lateral side is mainly the heat sink and should not be supported.

Recently I have changed to Nordost Sort Kone TC under P10. The result is even better but it raises it even further.

Thanks for the update. I reflected about the sound with the Stillpoints under the P10 and wasn’t so sure I was happy with the sound, it seemed to add a bit of stridency, especially in the treble area, it reminded me of when I used Nordost titanium Pulsar Points.

Saying that I had the Stillpoints around the feet of the P10, whereas you recommend more in the middle.

As the recommendation for Stillpointsorder of deployment is speakers, amps, power regen and lastly source, I tried the Stillpoints under my Chord power amp. I was very happy with the results here, finding more air and space, better trebl,e than the Black Ravioli feet I had used previously.

I’ll be buying more at some time in the future and I’ll try your advice of closer to the middle of the P10.

I’ve no experience of the Nordost Sort Cones although I have seen them mentioned on the internet before. I’m sure the UK magazine Hi Fi Plus will have reviewed them at some time in the past.