After sales feet for P10

There is a lot of discussion over the benefits in general of (de-)coupling equiplment using after sales feet - stillpoints, black ravioli, cerapucs etc. Some talk about ‘fast transfer’ of energy, others dissipation etc etc…

Has anyone tried after sales feet with the P10, espcially since the combination of both the supplied feet being quite large and the location of heat sinks create some difficulties getting new feet in place. thanks all. Colin

I use tenderfeet on my P5. I can’t say they make a difference performance wise, but seem to cut vibration. I use them on most of my components. Relatively inexpensive tweak.

Hi … I logged a thread on Stillpoints under my P10 about a year ago.
The P10’s original feet (pads) were left intact.

The Stillpoint Ultra 5’s made the overall sound much too bassy.
The Stillpoint Ultra 6’s are superb, the treble in my system really opened up.
I used 3 of these.
I wouldn’t run my P10 now without the Ultra 6’s.

I removed the feet on my P10 and have Voodoo Cable Iso-Pods under the P10. I think there’s an improvement in sound quality, most notably a bit more dynamic contrasts and what seems a more “open” midrange presentation. Perhaps not a huge difference but I’m happy with this set up.

Thanks all for these comments. Extremely helpful. The inference I draw is that the benefit depends on the product used - which should I guess be no surprise and analogous to cable choice

Thanks - how did you remove the feet? Mine seem to be glued on pretty firmly.

The rubbery felt bottom of the feet can be removed and there are two screws for each foot beneath that which can easily be removed.

Work perfect


Hey Darren, how did you place the svs soundpaths under the p10?
Did you remove the original feet?

Yes I did. Works great. You do this with the BHK amps too.

And you attached the svs soundpaths to the p10 with the supplied screws?

So I got the SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System and mounted them under the P10. Looks great!
The provided screws are too big. I re-used the ones from the P10, but they were too small for the Soundpath. I used some rings to get it right. It seems ok, but I reached out to SVS asking for advice/other screws.

I’m now considering also putting them under my McIntosch MA7000. This is probably the wrong forum to ask, but did anyone try that? Seems like Darren is using them under his PS Audio amps.

Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile: