P10 - any issues running a class D sub off of it?

Adding a new Rel sub to the system that runs a 400 watt class D amplifier.
Due to hum issues from a normal wall socket I’ve been advised to run it off my P10.

Any issues with class D amps running on a P10?

No issue at all! Many folks use Class D amps on Power Plants with good results.

Keep in mind, though, that Rel subs can hum for other reasons. Specifically, you want to make sure you have it ground properly.

Are you using the Neutriks connector? Also, what amp are you running?

I run two class D subs off of a P5 and it sounds good. I haven’t heard a loss of dynamics. The total for the source components and Sub’s is under 200 Watts.

Long story here,
Running Chord Electronics mono blocks, both running from the P10.
With mono blocks Rel recommend 2 subs so added a S3 SHO recently.
No outlets available on my P10 and room situation required the new S3 to go mid way down the room, (I know, not the best place).
Plugging the S3 into a wall socket introduced hum, which I tried to solve for 2 weeks without success.
Advised to add the sub to P10, as the mono blocks run off it.
Cured the hum for music but still a small residual amount when watching movies, currently projector fan noise masks that.
Trying an earthing wire next between S3 and mono block but Rel grounding terminal not great design, although it turns, it doesn’t come away from the chassis?
Work in progress.

Do you use a home theater receiver for when you watch movies?

I appreciate the info and I’m glad to hear the P10 got you most of the way there.

Yes, a combined music and home cinema system with an Arcam processor.
Yes, I’m using the Speakon connector for both Rel subs so feeding the main speaker’s high level outputs to drive the subs.
The hum is now more of a ‘thistle’ sound now and appears when the Arcam is switched on.
On the music front the subs are silent, change the pre-amp to ‘AV bypass’ and switch the processor on, generates the ‘hum’.
It’s not loud and is a constant volume irrespective of movie soundtrack level, the projector fan noise drowns it out but I’ll keep working at it so see if I can totally eliminate it.

It sounds like a ground loop caused by your Arcam processor. Best of luck as you continue to sort through things. Keep us posted on how it goes!

@sheridd2 did you think about trying the longbow or arrow wireless things that REL make? Might stop the hum issue as there wouldn’t be a physical connection to the main system. Not sure which one your sub is supposed to work with.

Pretty sure buzz (hum) issue solved.
I connected an earth wire to a screw on the back of the Arcam chassis and to a screw on the back my P10 - silence.
Now I only had the pre-amp in av bypass mode, the 2 mono blocks and the Arcam on but the buzz was there, even without turning the subs on.
Pretty sure when I turn the subs on with the above earth wire in place everything will still stay silent.
won’t get to fully try until Thursday night, but confident.

The Longbow is about $400 extra so didn’t want to go down that road.

Can confirm, I powered up my home cinema system tonight, including the subs - and no hum - just perfect silence.
Home late tonight so no projector as these are meant to be run for at least an hour, otherwise you shorten bulb life, so I played War of the Worlds minus the projector, sounded great.
Even though it’s only a 5.1 soundtrack, with Atmos up sampling, it sounded very immersive.

Very happy now I have resolved the hum issue and running a home cinema system with two subs.