P15 tripping circuit breaker on first attempts to power on

My P15 trips the 230v / 16A circuit breaker when trying to power on with rear panel switch. After a couple of attempts it powers on and remains on. And it remains on with no issues handling the load of my Audio Research g150 and quad esl2912 connected. The circuit breaker is a ‘slow’ type and should allow for high current start up current.

On advise from the helpdesk I installed the latest fw, but problem remains. It also trips the circuit breaker some times when switching off with the remote, still leaving the rear panel switch on.

Has anyone experienced same problem, and fix?

If you have differential breaker and it turns off the electricity in the network when a leakage current occurs. I suggest you test the setup for leaks and polarity correctness across the chain.

Hi Serhan, and thank you for the advice. I actually had a mandatory check by the electricity board just 2 months ago and testing for leakage is part of that. No issues found.

Hi @huglan and welcome. I just noticed you’re new here.

Which version are your plugs? (Schuko, UK, AU?)

Hi again, and thank you. Its schuko. Based in Norway

Thanks for responding. You may want to ensure polarity of devices connected to the P15 as well as the P15 to the wall are all correct. This can be done using a voltmeter and a CD pen (tiny marker). Occasionally, inversion of plug polarity in one or more devices causes ultra sensitive breakers to trip.

I hope this gets resolved quickly. I know the feeling!

I’ve never heard this happen before. If you have nothing plugged into the P15, does it still happen?

Yes, it happens with nothing is plugged in. Then after 2-3 attempts it powers up and i can connect devices. I know this can happen with large iso transformers, and second attempt then normally works.(ie circuit breaker doesn’t trip).

However i would expect a p15 to have a ‘slow starter’ circuitry to limit current draw when powering up.

Cant be that as it happens when nothing is connected…,

I would chat with the dealer or distro that you got it from, that or try bringing it to a friends house and see if it happens there. This seems very odd and like I said, I’ve never heard it happen to anyone before.