P 15 post burn in

hello all, i had the p 15 doing burn in for 3 weeks and have not made any adjustments yet. i read some other related posts but still unsure if i should leave the unit on full time[ both back and front switch] thanks

I leave mine on full time–no issues, always sounds great.


The Power Plants are designed to be left on all the time if you would like to do so.

But it is equally acceptable to turn off just the front switch, or turn off both when you are done listening.

That is, use the Power Plant in any way you would like. :slight_smile:

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It’s really up to the user, but it’s most common to just leave that puppy on all of the time. If you’re not powering anything with it, it hardly draws any power at all. I like to leave mine on all of the time that way it’s always warm and ready to go when I want to listen. If I know I’ll be out for a few days, I typically will flip it off with the rear switch.


Hi Jamesh,
I know you’ve been asked this before but I have a question about fuse flow direction.
I have a P12, a Gain Cell DAC and a DMP. They all have the same bayonet type fuse holder.
Do they all flow in the same direction thru the fuse holder and what is the direction of flow?
Thanks, Roger

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You got it. They are all 3 the same. Flows from back to front.

I live in an area where we have 2 hot lines of 115v & 115v that make the 230v. It is probably balanced power. Would this have any negative effects on the P15 arriving next week?

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No problem at all. The P15 will do great!