P20 Calibration

Playing around with this as I have a fairly accurate digital multimeter

I assume:

Output Voltage Setting on top - the selectable setting on P20

Input Voltage Setting in the middle- this should match the voltage measured out of power socket off the wall

Output Voltage Setting bottom - the actual output voltage from P20

1.set p20 to the desired voltage at the setting page
2. Set the input reading to match the wall socket voltage by adjustment
3. Set the output voltage to match the voltage coming out from p20
4. Adjust the top output voltage setting so that the bottom output voltage is adjusted to the desired level

Am I right? I assume I did ok as values matched here on the screen with my meter

I would hope PSAudio does this prior to shipping. However given the drops and abuse these see in delivery perhaps user adjustments add value. It would be interesting to know if the algorithms for output would take these calibration adjustments into account then adjust accordingly.

Since few people at home would have meters traceable to NIST calibration standards there is argument whether a DIY adjustment buys one much at all. After all one assumes their multimeter is precisely accurate which may not be the case.

That’s also true whether the culprit ended up being the multimeter itself

I think ps would calibrate any units before shipping

My p20 is being continuously in use for 3y. Not that should make a difference. Or should it?

Yes, they’re calibrated before leaving the shop.

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I don’t know which country people are in, but here in the UK it’s probably best to set the desired output voltage to something like 238v.

I’m in HK. So the standard here would be 220-230V. I did try to push to 240V but too much for the p20