P20 Incoming Distortion Changes by Amps

I wonder if anyone else has had these observations.

I use my P20 to power my big monoblocks and a large home theater amplifier.

I only noticed today that when each amplifier is switched on the incoming distortion the P20 measures jumps 0.2%. Is this because pulling more current increases incoming line distortion to the P20. Or perhaps their big transformers echo noise straight through the P20.

Being more curious I moved The amps to dedicated 20 amp circuits with separate breakers and line connections. The incoming distortion then still increased the same amounts.

I see why know why Shunyata and AQ pitch using high current cords to conditioners from incoming power. The Noise Reduction cords conditioner to the power amps.

I thought dedicated lines would address distortions. Apparently not.

Anyone else have theories why P20 feeds distortion back to supply. Or have similar observations.

Have same question asked while back….no response was given

Maybe better luck this time


The best way to remove that distortion is to turn off your amps. Your waveforms are deforming because the amps are pulling down the peaks.

Okay so you mean there is no solution nd listen to music too? I did reprogram my Preamp power control HT amp so it is off during 2 channel listening and does not switch on with my processor. That offers a good clarity bump removing its 0.2 percent.

I was hoping some one had a NR cord that currs the mono amps contributing to incoming. Since I assume they too add distortion to waveform incoming that P20 doesn’t totally cure.