P20 Distortion question

This is related to incoming distortion. Is the reading for the incoming distortion reading the distortion only on mainline the P20 is hooked up to? Prior to turning the amp on (which is also hooked up to the p20) the sine wave for incoming distortion was perfect. When I turned the amp on that changed and the incoming distortion increased. A little puzzled after seeing that. Maybe it’s just the Audiophile perfectionist in me that needs to know?

It’s possible (and I’m not saying it is) is that your mains lead for your amp is radiating a lot of rf, which is then being picked up by your P20 mains lead, hence showing more distortion.

What are the incoming distortion numbers with and without your amplifier turned on?

The output can affect the input readings in my experience and as you’ve seen but the same ‘issue’ is/would be occurring without a Power Plant.

The isolation is very good but not perfect. I think the real value is in the drastically reduced impedance more so than the distortion reduction.

Keep in mind the ground passes right through the Power Plant for safety. The hot and neutral are regenerated but there is no moat around the island as they say.

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Perhaps incoming distortion is proportional to incoming load?

Noticed same issue running pair mono Class A type amp…distortion goes from sound 2 to 3.5% each time they are turned on …