P3 and M700>high voltage vs. Regen?

I have my m700"s plugged into the high volt of the p3 with regen switched off
Anyone feel the m700’s should be plugged into regen power?
Thank you

Me. I always run my amps (if Stellar) through the region. Definitely sounds better.

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Thank you
Feel its a right of passage to get a response from you. Regen it is then
Thanks for everything!

Definitely put the M700s on a regen zone. P3 doesn’t have any trouble powering them either.

Wow, quite a day for me on the PSAUDIO boards…1st Paul now jamesh.
Thank you for replying.
Assume hi volt outlets fine as long as switch on “regen” for those outlets


Yes, you’re exactly right!

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Thx again

My M700s are on regen from the P3. So is everything, for that matter, except my turntable motor.

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Thank u Craig

I got inspired by your and Paul’s posts and moved my Meridian Reference 857 to a regenerated plug on the P15. Music gained additional dimensionality and air. Thank you.

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