P300 wattage fluctuations

i am having an odd issue with my p300 which I just received

while in the ‘sin’ or P1 modes, the wattage indicator will fluctuate from around 80 up to 210 and drop back down. The yellow warning light comes on and the fan will kick in as well. It will continue to do this while the system is on with or without music playing.

In p2, p3 p4 or tube wave modes, wattage stays at around 70-80 consistently.

any help is appreciated.

What is it you’re trying to power with the P300?

I am running a Krell Reference 64 DAC, Aloia PST 11.01 preamp, a Celestion System 6000 crossover, Sony HAP-1zes music server, and an Arcam rBlink Bluetooth DAC, no amplification devices, just front end.

Odd, that doesn’t seem to explain anything. Might have to have a look at it.

Thanks Paul