P12 wattage intermittently jumps 100 watts momentarily

New P12 intermittently jumps 100 watts momentarily with no music signal running through it. This occurs ever minute or so. The increase is reflected on the meter and the digital indicator. I did not notice this occurring when I first received the P12. It has been operating for only 3 weeks. To make certain it was not coming from the amps, I had all components off and plugged in a 450 W lamp and the P12 acted the same way. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

If this is normal can you explain why this would occur?

Transformers pulling their slug of power. Components do this in standby. Disconnect or flip the toggle switch to prevent this…but it’s of no concern.

Where is the toggle switch you are referencing?

On the devices connected to the power plant. The physical switch that disconnects the device from power.

This still doesn’t explain why there is a periodic increase in wattage when nothing requires a surge in power like running a light bulb only.

Hopefully others will chime in…but a light bulb is steady state, no increase or decrease when in use. Transformers pull a slug of current near the peak of the AC waveform. This can cause the RMS wattage display to pop up from time to time as the transformers go through their cycle.

Why don’t you ask support?

I asked for support but did not get a very confident answer. So I still question it. Now if everyone who has a P12 indicates the same behavior then I would feel more comfortable.

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What did PS Audio support tell you?

I believe we were chatting on the phone. I apologize my answer didn’t come across as confident. I can assure you I was very confident with that answer.

The oscilloscope within the PowerPlants is great but certainly not lab grade. It is meant to give you a good idea of what you’re pulling from the unit, but not perform research. Also, the code that receives its measurements only detect and calculate it about every second. If there is a weird or rogue reading, it screws up the math, and you can get a weird reading from the display.

As I mentioned on the phone, I can assure you there is nothing wrong with your unit.


James—That line almost put me off my chair. I’m still chuckling. :grinning:

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If that behavior happens on all devices then I am satisfied. Thanks James.

You bet. Always happy to help!