Pairing Stellar Gain Cell DAC with Low Power SET Amps

I plan to power my high efficiency 100 db/watt meter speakers with low power Decware SET tube amplifiers. I am considering purchasing a Stellar Gain Cell DAC to pair with these, or other SET tube amps. This will give me a modern interface to control source, volume, and on/off functions with simple SET amps. Is anyone have experience paring the Stellar Gain Cell DAC with SET amps?

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There is an existing thread where you may find some info: Decware. The Best Amp Ever? Andrew Robinson Seems To Think So
Also, @lonson may thakfully give some insights :pray:t2: .

I have a Stellar Gain Cell DAC I am not using at the moment but have used it with the Decware Taboo Mk IV I have although I mainly used it as a source for a PS Audio GCHA. This was in a headphone only system, but there’s no reason the Taboo wouldn’t sound great with the GCDAC and efficient speakers.

Works quite well with the Decware amp. I’ll probably be selling the GCDAC soon as I was able to move a DSD DAC into its place.

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Thanks for the direction Serhan. I re posted my question on the Decware amp thread.

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