Paris, Jazz Club, Recommendations?

We’re going to Paris on December 07. We would love to see some live jazz. Can anyone recommend some clubs? We’re staying in the 6th arrondissement but it doesn’t matter where the club is.
Great place… rented an apt in the 7th a few years ago and caught a couple sets here. Close in, easy to get to.

Thank you!


Here’s a list that includes Duc des Lombards

Be careful. Mind the gilets jaunes rioters:

Nice list! I want to go!

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Thanks! I’m hoping they’ll grow tired of the rioting by the time we get there.

Ahhh, what’s a trip to France without a strike or riot or two…?

We were in Versailles in 2010 and ready to return home when the Iceland volcano blew. Closed EU airspace for 4 -5 days and we spent the time as refugees in Roissy waiting for the birds to start flying again. Of course it didn’t help that there was also a rail strike going on…

At CDG - sacre bleu

But we did use the time to become acquainted with gallettes & cider, the Musee Nissim de Camondo and other treasures that are somewhat off the beaten path. One of my favorite cities.

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After all, not a bad place to get stranded…