Michel Petrucciani Jazz piano

For those of you that might enjoy a little improvisation, Michel has an interesting style as will as an interesting story and life.

Sadly he passed away very young but worked giving concerts and interviews till the very end.


if you enjoy him as I do, here are a few.

Some fancy finger work going on here.


I saw him in Bern ( Switzerland ) Live 20 Years ago - it was amazing.

And in ARTE ( French/German TV Channel ) in November 13 there was a very touching dokumentation called “Leben gegen die Zeit” translated : "Live against Time"

A very impressing, giant guy ! And a womanizer as well !!

chris said: And a womanizer as well !!

Yah, some frown on that for some strange reason. >:)
I was single till age 42 so I can relate to how it can be both inspiring and tiring. :D
I put the 2nd youtube link through my system and since it has 47 files, I just let it play. I am sorry that I never had a chance to enjoy him live.

He made a great album’’ live in Montmatre ‘’ with the late ‘‘Great Dane’’ Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen.

A beautiful example of what happens when you put 2 sympathetic giants on stage without prior rehearsal.

That was some great music - thanks!

Wow! I love his timing and feel. No grunting is a +.

I agree.

Very pleasant to listen to and not overly predictable, a trait that I find individualizes a performer and his performances.

Apparently he was quite the ladies man. Certainly an inspiring pastime.

I listen to Michel quite often and his many albums each have their somewhat unique journey to take you on.

I also suggest Gösta Rundqvist Trio, Treecircles. http://www.opus3records.com/track/19801.html

One of my favorites from Opus3 Audio and available in multiple formats, including DSD. Piano, percussion, bass and a wonderful variety of intricate expression.

Great performance by by the genius