Paul Pang ethernet switch, anybody tried one with the Bridge?

I am using it in my setup (powered by a Teddy Pardo LPS) however not together with the Bridge.

Frode, just as an aside, I met Teddy Pardo a few months ago at the High End show in Tel Aviv. Both I and the friend who was with me were very impressed by his stuff. It was by far the best sound at the show. He exhibited with a nuded Linn Sondek (!!!) and speakers of his own design, which unfortunately he doesn’t yet sell outside of Israel. I may yet try one of his power supplies.

Hi all,

I’ve been using the Paul Pang ethernet switch for a few days now. And it certainly makes a difference. Paul recommends a linear power supply. I’m just using the $50.00 iFi 5V wall wart. And, I can definitely hear a little more detail and openness. It is a subtle improvement. However, I’ve come to believe that everything in the audio path makes a difference. If you’re not already using audio grade ethernet cables, I suggest giving them a try first. I’m running a combination of AQ Vodka and AQ Cinnamon. Cut & past link below for more details…