Reference audiophile switch – quad switch ocxo – ppa studio paul pang

Was the upgrade worth the price of admission?
I watched the switch test comparison on The Alpha Audio YouTube channel and the Quad Paul Pang Audio switch won out convincingly.
I plan to match it up with an Auralic Aries G2 Streaming Transporter into a DSD.


Yike, a €2.499,00 switch. I hope someone here has tried it as I would enjoy a real-world report.

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Sadly we cant use four Farads to power it because of it´s four integrated linear power supplies but it still needs 4 ethernet cables to work,preferably very expensive ones :slight_smile:

But no,I haven´t heard anyone here using that switch, though i believe it is fine unit. I hear only good things about Paul Pang products.

Let us know when you get it up and running :grinning:

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I bet if enough of us petition Mr. Pang, he can can re-configure the design such that separate power supplies have to be plugged into the back for each of the four switches in the box.

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You mean you wanna slice the power supply into 4?


Yeah, just joking around – riffing on @Somppsa’s tongue-in-cheek comment.

After all, four times the cost and complexity has to always be better, right?


Video sound demo through one, two, three, and four switches.

What’s your take, Mr. H?

Watching the Alpha Audio sound demo’s listening on my B&W desk monitors, I could here the differences between switches and power supplies. The SOtM sNH 10G with Hypsos power supply and Paul Pang Quad sound the best to me, but the fellas doing testing were definitely impressed with Quad. Still the price is a big commitment. Now I’m trying learn more to determine if it’s the direction I want to go. Currently, I’m using the WiFi capability on my Auralic Aries G2.


I could not really hear much of a difference but did not try headphones.

Interesting stuff, to say the least.

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It comes with the short A-B, B-C, C-D ethernet cables.

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Hello EGH,

do you have some more experience about the Paul Pang Quad Switch in the meantime?
I got recommended the Melco Switch by tining with an OXCO Clock Ultra from Jord Groen and using 2 Farad Power Supplies, 12V & 5V for the Clock.
This would mean a couple of external Cables -2x AC and 2x DC Cables and the total price would be roundabout 6.000,- €…!
This is of course very expensive but I’m a little bit unsure about the Paul Pang Switch because in Europe / Austria nobody is aware about…!
May be somebody could tell me a little bit more…?
Many thanks

Welcome @ernstunger
I have no experience with Paul Pang Quad Switch, but I do own Melco S100, and it is an amazing product to say the least. I have settled for the S100 +12V from HDPlex 300W and I think it is great as it is. Adding a Pink Faun clock would raise the cost by 2k €, which I prefer to save and add to a new streamer.

Hi Serhan,
many thanks for your statement and input.
What I’m asking myself is, why a couple of tests are always compare the Paul Pang with different Switches on the market, but never with the Melco S100…!?
May be the Melco would be a real competitor to the PP or are their any other reasons…???

Melco S100 was highly reviewed by The Ear and HiFi News. The closest match to it is Ansuz Powerswitch X-TC. A key advantage for the S100 over its peers is the optical port, which provides additional isolation when used with compatible devices like Lumin X1 without the need for any accessories except for cables. Anzus has the advantage of an onboard power supply.

Have you tried going back to a bog standard switch to compare? I did and sold off the Etherregen, the only fancy switch I’ve tried.

I have ~10 year old fanless Cisco switches and found no difference even after nearly a year with the ER. I’m not anti-audiophile switch, just encouraging people to compare and check their own audio biases.

No need to reply here, just try it and hear for yourself from time to time.

Given Melco S100 made Bridge II (just with a LAN cable) sound as good as Matrix XSPDIF 2 with AQ I2S cable and Linear Power Supply. I do not feel the urge to try other switches. I feel Bridge II money was well spent, and now I am convinced when the time comes for streamer upgrade things may sound better.

Sorry to revive this 2y old thread, but I had recently chance to compare PP Quad and Dual plus switches vs my Etherregen+OM powered by Farad3s. Playing via my rpi-based streamer.
Even the Dual plus switch was in some things better than my current setup. But total verdict would be indecisive.
With PP Quad, most of the things were better than with Etherregen, but I still had feeling i’m maybe missing bit of something.
Combination of Quad+Dual made the sound finally perfect (almost perfect - and I suspect i was because of not ideal ethernet cables). Dynamic, colourful and crystal clear sound with huge and homogenous soundstage, female voices even on problematic recordings sounds just beautiful. The best presentation of sibilances I heard from my system when streaming.
Quad+Etherregen were similar , but i think i still prefer the Quad+Dual a bit.

Basically the PP in general bough fuller sound with sparkle, Etherregen was better on fluidity compared to Dual plus, but sounds bit veiled/milkier.

For me the combo Quad+PP is killer but the total price too :slight_smile:

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Hi Maniac - I am intrigued by your post - “female voices even on problematic recordings sounds just beautiful” - can you tell me a bit about your setup? You are using a Paul Pang switch and a Dual plus switch in series? What is a Dual Plus switch? Which one comes first? Thanks