Limited Number of DS MK I DACS (and B II Network Cards) Now Available

This would be a great way for someone here to get on the PSA DAC train at a reasonable price.

Throw in some @jkrichards - like upgrades and one would be swimming with all but the biggest fish, IMO.



And some of us have units with the transformer upgrade that we will sell for less than that if someone is interested. If the unit works as intended don’t know what they would “factory refresh.”

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Their bank account, :rofl:

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Warranty could be only difference between them and someone else’s device.

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Yup, makes sense, and many appreciate the fact that they are not undermining the used market by pricing it significantly below $2,999. Honestly though JK Richards would purchase a stack and install his mods, and offer them at $3,000 shipped. Could have been sweet.

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I saw that banner ad yesterday, TMR must be getting overwhelmed. I just sent my DS trade-in last week, it has the XS-4400 transformers and a few small bits of 3M EMI absorber on the chips. Wonder if they check for that kind of stuff? And what do they do if they find it?

If you know someone selling a good condition/functioning Directsteam DAC for less than $1,500… hit me up with details. I’m in the market :slight_smile:

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I suspect if that’s your price range you’ll be in the market for a while.

Lol. I misread your original post… for some reason, I thought it said, “will sell for less than half that if someone is interested”. My little heart got excited :slight_smile:.

Even though $2,999 is a heck of deal, I wish they would accept some trade-in for it. Give us mere mortals a chance to taste that Perfectwave technology :rofl:


These units were already given credit as trade-ins so that’s not likely so the best you can do is call and try to negotiate. Or wait for one of us to offer one up for sale for less though never likely in that range.

Thanks to everyone that reached out. I was able to purchase a DSD Mk1. Dreams do come true! :smiling_face:

It’s not the “newest and greatest”, but it’s close enough for me!


(@heman_34) I don’t know what you have experience with prior.

However, FWIW, my purchase of a DS Sr. was a revelation for me and my first introduction to truly excellent music reproduction from digital sources - a real step up.

Looking forward to hearing from you about your experience once you get some “miles” on the new DAC.


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Did you get a mk2?

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They do accept trade in.

I purchased a DSD Mk1.

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Oh, really? That’s awesome. The last time I looked at the refurbished DSD Mk1 it didn’t have the trade-in option. It looks like they just added it!

Congrats! I was asking @pmotz


Sure did! Ordered 31 January and received the end of May, but I was out of town when it arrived. Got home a week later, had a couple of weeks to play, mostly breaking in, then left again for a couple weeks. Got to really listen the last couple of weeks and was convinced it was a keeper about a week ago, so sent my trade-in end of last week.


Glad to help.

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