PC Soundcard Settings for You Tube....?

My question: What sample rate etc do I configure the optical S/PDIF for to play You Tube to the DirectStream?

For quality playback, I am fine… NAS to PC running Foobar, USB to DirectStream DAC… I get bit-for-bit, all is good.

Now for playing You Tube on my PC, I have a little set of cheapie Creative powered speakers. They are connected to the analog audio ports on my PC soundcard. Now when I want to, I can send the You Tube to the Direct Stream/USB via selecting the other source via the Windows volume control panel (have to shut down Foobar to relinquish control). I don’t want to do this as it is not convenient. But… this got me thinking…

So I hooked up my PC soundcard direct to the Directstream using the optical S/PDIF out. Now I have two connections to the Directstream, optical and USB. I can select YouTube or Foobar via the PSAudio remote control. I like this setup as I can very easily bounce between sources with just one click and I don’t have to shut anything down and Windows plays nice with both Foobar running via USB to the DirectStream and playing YouTube via the optical out all at the exact same time. One button to flip between the two. Oh, and yes I do this all the time but I have to flip between my big system and the little Creative crap speakers.

Soooo… My question: What sample rate etc do I configure the optical S/PDIF for to play You Tube to the DirectStream?

Remember, this pathway will ONLY be You Tube. Windows allow many choices, and it apparently forces/upsamples the You Tube bit stream to be what I select it for. So as I am listening now, Windows and the DirectStream show 24 bit, 48000 HZ… fine, this is what I selected in Windows control panel advanced tab.

What is not happening, is Windows is not passing to the DirectStream, via the optical out, the native You Tube stream. Of course, I would like Windows out of the equation completely as it is with Foobar.

My motherboard is (was) a high-end ASUS with a built in “Realtek ALC892 8-channel high definition audio CODEC”. (I build my PCs). BTW, I checked all sample rates listed in the supported Formats tab.

Said another way, I want the highest quality sound from You Tube out my Optical port on my PC. While preserving the USB pathway for bit-for-bit Foobar playback.

Right now, this dual pass through is working fine. But I don’t know what to set the “Default Format” sample rate and bit depth in the Windows control panel.

Bruce in Philly