PC source for directstream mkI dac, DDC or no DDC

I have heard some say that there is no benefit using a DDC to connect your Windows PC via usb and then i2s from DDC to the directstream mkI dac vs just connecting pc to dac directly via usb cable.
I have heard others say there is benefit in using a DDC with this dac.

Some people say cables don’t make a difference. I believe otherwise.
I use a Matrix DDC between my PC and my PS Audio DSD Jr. DAC. I hear and appreciate the difference. If you read the Matrix thread here you will see I am in a large group of people who believe the same. The key issue is the MK1 DACs from PS Audio have a very poor USB input. The DDC allows you to convert USB to I2S which sounds much better than straight USB. I am very confident that for the MK1 DACs, the DDC will please you a great deal. However, the cables you use, the USB and the I2S cable have a great effect on the overall sound. I use a USB cable that costs four times what the DDC cost. And an HDMI cable that costs three times what the DDC cost. and an external power supply that costs about the same as the DDC. It can be a very expensive proposition. You might be better off buying an MK2 which has an excellent USB input.


yeah i have a matrix connected between my pc and ds mkI but i’m not sure i can tell the difference if i remove the matrix. i also tried adding an ifi ipowerx to the matrix and heard zero difference so i returned the ifi power supply

So what can we do for you?

just wanted to hear opinions about it. wondering if anyone else finds it the same connecting pc direct to ds mk1. i don’t know the design well enough of the mk1, maybe it is expected. maybe not.

The Mk1 DS needs the DDC ands sound much better with i2s input than USB. It creates galvanic isolation. Alternatively you could buy an AirLens. The Matrix needs an LPS to sounds its best. No matter the combi the better AC and DC poer cords and Digital power cords the better the system sounds.