Perfectwave DAC MKII vs DSD

I’ve already made my decision. But I’m wondering if any journalists out there have actually done a head to head comparison between the PWD MKII and the new DSD? I’ve been looking for reviews of the new DSD and found several glowing ones. But none that do this head to head comparison.


Tony22 was the only one I remember and he reverted to the DS after an hour of listening.

Think of it as going from a "69 Eldorado convertible to a Bugatti Veyron.

And, you got it for 75% off the reg price.

Now, would you go back?

mscooring, I think there are a couple of people who have both the PWD and DS but no comparisons seem to be coming from them. I went and rebuilt my PWD after a couple of hundred hours or so of burn in on the DS. You can read about my adventures in other threads. Gordon is right - it didn’t take me long to turn my chassis back into a DS.

Screw the DS I want that Bugatti !

Well, at least, The sound of that engine should be on a Chesky test disk.