Perfectwave Directstream DAC or Directstream Dac -I'm confused..please help

I’m very interested in upgrading my Schiit Yiggy to a PS Audio Directstream Dac

Are there 2 different versions of the Directstream DAC ?

The above thread is what leads to my confusion…can anyone explain the difference?

Thanks in advance.

There are not two different versions of the DirectStream DAC, posters on the thread are talking bout the DirectStream DAC in comparison to its predecessor, the PerfectWave DAC (Mk I or Mk II).

You’ll find 4 variants out there as I understand them (in order of resale value):

1.PerfectWave DAC (previous model)
2. PerfectWave DirectStream DAC (a PerfectWave DAC upgraded to DSD DAC)
3. DIrectStream DAC (sold as a DirectStream DAC)

Any of the DAC’s could have the Bridge II card installed. Good if you want to broadcast Roon based music from a different location. I prefer USB with a quality USB cable connected to a dedicated computer.

To be clear-In the used market I see- Perfectwave Directstream DAC’s for sale

I also see Directstream DAC’s…is there a difference?

Which one is best? Or the one you would rank 1st ?

Perfectwave is a family of PS Audio products. It’s confusing at times. My Directstream DAC says Perfectwave on it and it was not an upgrade.

AFAIK, there is only one model of DirectStream DAC.

The earlier PerfectWave DAC is upgradeable to DirectStream with parts that swap out the guts of the PerfectWave DAC.

Is there an audible difference in the Directstream vs the Perfectwave Directstream?

I’m close to buying one…just want to buy the right one.

Not sure I understand. Are you looking at buying a PerfectWave DAC that has been upgraded to a DirectStream DAC?

If yes, my understanding is that the only difference once the parts are swapped is the casework/labeling on the case.

I have not heard both, however.

Maybe others will chime in.

Good luck.

“PerfectWave” is the series designated by PS Audio. The Perfectwave series also includes products such as the PowerPlants, and BHK products. Much like how there are various products under the “Stellar” series or now “Aspen” series (though there’s only one product so far).

The “PerfectWave DAC” was the original DAC in the PerfectWave series, with two iterations (original, then MKII).

The “Directstream DAC” is the third DAC in the PerfectWave series, so the full name is “PerfectWave Directstream DAC.”

You can see how it breaks down by going to the main page >> Products >> Series >> Perfectwave.

There is no difference between a Directstream and PerfectWave Directstream. If it has the Directstream name in the title, it will be the latest DAC. Hardware is identical.

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