PS Audio Perfectwave MkII vs Directstream DAC

In researching the Directstream DAC (DSD) with Bridge II, I’m finding a lot of people with a PerfectWave MkII with Bridge or Bridge II.

These are different products right? Isn’t the PerfectWave older? Cheaper? What’s the difference?

The DirectStream replaced the PerfectWave in the product line-up.

Ok so PerfectWave mkII is basically an older version of the DSD… DSD probably has upgraded components and better DAC I’m guessing.

Yes, they are completely different DACs. Other than the display, all of the internals are completely different. The DSD uses Ted’s FPGA design where as the PWD uses an off the shelf chip.

Great info and thank you… Woulda been nice to not use the exact same enclosures.

Except it allowed those of us who owned a PWD to replace the board and turn it into a DSD.

Ohhh, well ok then… That makes sense.

To further confuse things, once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away there was the PerfectWave Mk I in its original form (PWD Mk I) . A few years after its intro, Users could upgrade the Mk I into a Mk II with an upgrade kit that replaced the analog and digital boards, leaving the power supply, Bridge, and control electronics in place. The user could do this modification themselves if they wanted to and had sufficient electro/mechanical dexterity.When the DS came out, those same components were replaced again with another kit the user could also install themselves, making it a full-blown DS.

Got it?



Ok makes sense. It definitely confuses things on the used market… Making sure the product you’re looking at is exactly what you’re looking for.