PerfectWave Poweplant 5

When i plug my amplifier into the poweplant I get a hum from my amp.Plug amp straight into wall noise goes ther settings on poweplant that might help ?

Turning on multi-wave on the P5 always has this effect on my amp.

Same thing happen to me with the BHK600 and the P20. It drove me nuts. I just plugged it into the wall…and then quiet. I don’t get it. Seems counter intuitive.

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I too have noticed the increase in noise harvester blinking when the M1200’s are plugged into the HC on the P20. So much that the plastic casing at base of the blue light began to deform. So also plugging them into the wall and no unusual blinking. There is some non complementary interference between them. Would be interesting to know what it is.