What components to connect through my P5 Perfect Wave Power Plant?

Hi again all,

So I decided to go ahead and invest in a Power Plant, and got a good price on a slightly used P5 Perfect Wave. It should arrive Monday, and I can’t wait to connect it.

I currently have a Furman ELITE-15 PF i, and intend to keep it. I thought would split my components across both units. I’m wondering which devices to connect where. Hopfully someone on here can offer some advice.

My equipment:
1 x Lyngdorf MP-60 processor
2 x Emotiva XPA-7 amps
2 x SVS SB13-Ultra subwoofers (each has a 1000watt Sledge amp)
1 x Dayton Audio HCA1000 1000 watt mono amp (driving a transducer)
1 x Samsung LED NU8000 TV
1 x Xbox One X
1 x power bar with 8 low voltage components like Logitech Harmony etc
8 x PS Audio Noise Harvesters

Basically I am worried about that many amps connected to a single power conditioner/re-generator. The PS Audio is only rate for 1250 watts peak and that is basically one of my Emotiva amps… So I figured splitting them across the PS Audio and Furman would be the best solution.

I am very happy to be proven wrong! :slight_smile:

Any thoughts or suggestions for how to connect each component, would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your time!

I would certainly add the processor, the television, and the Emotivas but nothing else. See if that works for you.

Brilliant, thx for the advice!

If I wanted to add everything, I would need a larger P15 or maybe a P20?


Yes, that’s correct. Also, much depends on how your you play it, etc. I don’t think there’s a big advantage on having the subwoofer connected either way.

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