Placing equipment in a stereo system (niche?)

Just watched last @Paul’s video about preferred solution about gear location in a music room, as well known with sources and rack on one side and amplification between loudspeakers

In my experience I had to face a room where rack on the side walls is not a doable location, unfortunately.

I discovered on the other hand that a niche behind loudspeaker (a bit deep recess into the front wall or in my case a furniture with a bookshelf of the same size of the entire front wall) may create a particular effect.

Here’s an old pic (now the rack is lower and new units are making me happier like a new P20 vs 2 P12s).

Distance loudspeakers is 9 feet one from each other, 5 feet from the bookshelf behind and the sweet spot is at 8.5 feet from them. Consequently both interconnects and speaker cables are very short. Subs unfortunately need to stay between the speaker due to distance from side walls. Not exactly a nearfield listening but the soundstage is wide enough to extend from right to left all along the front (furniture) wall, almost from a little bit right to the right speaker to a little bit left to the left speaker, hope to have been clear in my description.

What I’ve discovered is that inside the niche, where the rack is located (yes this is a compromise I have to accept) is where the holographic image takes place in a wonderful way and exactly in the center where you see the monitor I have the illusion to clearly hear the voice of the singer (with the main guitar). Drums too in the same center position just a little bit recessed behind voices.
Other instruments are outside the niche, right and left behind loudspeakers where I have positioned the diffusers.

Long story short: anyone experienced the benefit of a niche behind loudspeaker in the center like me?

I find that the image is excellent and realistic, especially voices are so palpable that if I close my eyes I have the strong illusion to hear the singer really present in my room, coming from the niche.

I don’t know if this particular configuration has been already debated in room treatments threads (and the soon up coming book Paul is publishing about set up) but I’m curious about other opinions from forum members.

Once again, it’s a compromise I necessarily had to accept (next room in a next life I would like to try gears on a side wall for sure) but it may bring unexpected benefits that I think are useful enough to be shared with you guys here.


Wonderful Luca…thank for sharing…

In my listening space while a generous 15ft x 25ft size, placing my equipment
rack on the side wall not doable due to L shaped room windows along side wall
which could expose my gear to moisture if I should open the windows, The other
wall is too short and would place my rack next to speakers …not so good.

My rack sits center behind my speakers with my amp on an amp stand between
my speakers, my P15 sitting on a plinth on the floor about 2 feet away from
my rack and front ends.

Yet as it is now my Aria 948s stand out from the wall behind them about 8 feet with
about 4 feet from side walls. Speakers toed in laser aligned to a point behind my head
with my listening position about 15 feet from speaker plane. My preferred distance. As
I prefer a more panoramic image of the music as opposed to near field. Have tried both.

As it is set up now the soundstage is very wide and deep with regards to front to back
behind the speakers dimension…phantom center channel is amazing with all types
of music. Vocals flesh out in a very palpable manner. Vertical imaging is equally amazing.

Thank you so much for elaborating your systems qualities your room is amazing!!!

As for me …having been through a lot in recent times as well as back and other
challenges my listening room is very plain and not so elegant, not picture quality
for sharing…honestly wish I could do better. But am so glad to have what I have.
Thanking God for it all…

Again thank you Luca!!

Best wishes


Thank you David, each contribution here may elevate!

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Life is a series of compromises! :thinking: