Soundstage behind speakers

hello all, currently i have my gear/ rack against the front wall between corner bass traps . would bringing out the rack parallel with the front of the speakers do anything for soundstage? currently am unable to put gear on sidewall. i have thought of makeing a rack which could keep the gear below the rear ports of the speakers. also keeping it parallel with speakers. thanks

Yes a bit but definitely don’t expect wonders. Keeping gear low and improving distance to front wall as well as room measures is more efficient imo.

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I believe that moving the rack out to be parallel would be counter productive. In general, with more open space around the speakers, the better the soundstage.
I have spent a lot of effort in the past year to improve the soundstage, working around the constraints of a wall mounted TV, room traffic, etc.
I built a lower, more compact shelving unit (15 inches lower) and it is as close to the wall as practical.
I have added sound absorption behind and between the speakers including a fabric TV screen cover.
I was reluctant to move the speakers more into the room but a 7 inch recent change has resulted in a nice addition of soundstage depth.
Finally, I just added a high quality subwoofer and it has added all the soundstage improvements that the designer claims will occur.
All in all, it has been worth it!


Hey johnb33…

Tell u about your room size and shape.

How far out from the walls are your speakers…
Are they toed in or out at all?

These things help determine soundstaging.

Best wishes

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Thanks, 18 ft long x 9 ft wide x 7 ft 6 ceiling, currently have to speakers about 4 ft 10 off wall with some toe in , maybe 10 degrees

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If possible and ok with the Mrs…try pulling speakers out about another 2-3ft
from the wall…

Is there much in the way of furniture in the area next to or near the speakers.
Furniture in the listening area can interfere with the creation of a soundstage
behind the speakers …they do need breathing room…

My speakers are set out from the wall 8’ and 4.5 ft from side wall. no furniture
next to speakers or along then sidewalls or near the front of the speakers…
My listening position is about 15’ from the speakers…my speakers toed
to a point some 3ft behind my listening position…Currently have a wonderful
behind the speakers soundstage. I do have a low rack between my speakers.
so far don’t seem to be obstructing anything.

Try pulling your speakers out another 2-3ft and aim them to a point behind your listening
position…doing so could help.

Happy trails
Best wishess

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thank you so much

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Hope this works for you

Best wishes

My speakers are 6" out from the wall, so the soundstage behind the speakers would be outside the room.