Planar Magnetic Loudspeaker Aficionados!


Here is my little brother Paul … lol 41.284,10 USD par - Drives them with ML




Anyone know the music played on the Piega demo video?


Misa Criolla by Ariel Ramirez. There are several versions, the one I have is on Philips CD. Excellent recording!


Thanks pmotz. I downloaded a version from Pro Studio Masters, but am looking for a another one. If anyone can offer some more guidance on the different versions that are available I would appreciate it. It seems that most recordings have very different material as a supplement to Misa Criolla. The one I purchased has 12 tracks of more traditional Argentine music, I think, in addition to the 5 tracks of Misa Criolla.



I agree too. I use the 3.7i and I am very happy with them. Tube amplifiers are not the right solution for Magnepans. I have some ones 150W but they don’t drive them well. I use now the Magtech Amplifier from Sanders and I am very happy. Additionally I use 2 subs from Elac 2070 witch are placed behind the Maggies.

Have a grate listening


PM me with some more information about the Magtech Amplifier from Sanders. I’ve wondered if I might jump on a piece of them


After owning the 1.5 and the 1.7 I was ready for a new pair of Magnepan 3.7i. They arrived a couple of weeks ago. I love Maggies. Together with my Krell S-550i and PS Audio DS DAC they deliver a fantastic soundstage with a lot of detail and tight bass!


These look awesome. How low would you think they actually play in your room? Do you use a sub?


I don’t have a sub and I don’t need a sub. The room in which they play is around 6 by 8 meters. I play a lot of jazz with acoustic bass, but also a lot of ambient/electronic/down tempo from the Ultimae label. The Maggies produce deep and tight bass. Maybe a hardcore rock fanatic would like some more bass, but I am very happy with the sound they produce.


What price point are these speakers in?


US: 6000 dollars, but for Europe (I live in The Netherlands) 10.500 euro. I bought a demo set for 7800 euro. Prices vary depending upon trim and fabric combinations.


For about 20 years my mains were a pair of Apogee Caliper Signatures (with Graz’ new ribbons and other upgrades) and I never saw a reason to move to something else.

Then about six years ago I went the Vivid Audio Giya route, yet I haven’t been able to give up the Apogees - they have just moved to another room.


Hi Michael,

Before purchasing Sanders amplifier I had read many reviews and always very good ones. Sanders support is grate as the support from Paul- Paul is doing that in a more professional way. You can find many interesting publications on Sanders site under white papers.

I had called him also, he is very open and knows the Hi-Fi scene very well.
I don’t want to describe the sound of my system like the magazines its magical, open, airy etc. I will tell you only two things. First of all I enjoy the music, if I am listening on the spot or not, secondly my system plays very close to my STAX SR-Λ Professional headphones witch I own now for more than 25 years and always has been my reference.


My opinion is different from yours. We have the same loudspeakers. Every System needs a subwoofer (better 2) especially the Maggies. If you see Maggies frequency response below 80 Hz, you will recognize a roll off. This is well known, Magnepan says the same. You can watch some videos on youtube regarding this issue. They use the word anemic in case you are listening in medium to bigger rooms and how the speaker is reacting-coupling with the room. This is the reason why the bring out additional bass panels (they are not subs!)
Please consider also that in the frequency spectrum between 60 to 2000 Hz is almost all the information, 80% or more, of the music we have in our recordings. The rest are manly harmonics.
You are right when you listening to music witch don’t goes very deep in bass. Try to play Organ music trough the Maggies and you will recognize immediately that something is missing!


I had been invited to Holland to hear his products, but it did not fit into my schedule this time. I hope he will return to Europe soon. More love Denmark


I’ve had SMGs, MMG, 1.7, and now also mini maggies-- the mini’s ribbon confirmed that one day the next leap up for me will be the 3.7-- they look gorgeous in wybe’s photo. Maggies always remind me of the monoliths in 2001.


I have never heard a pair of Maggies.


I think it would be a good idea to hear some, it would make an excellent reference to compare other speakers to. I’ve always liked them, but my room is not conducive to them sounding good (it’s small and squarish, they sound best in a medium to large room that is shoebox shaped).