Playing HD without Hiccups & Ticks

In my experience it is impossible to play HD flac files without hiccups and ticks by using a bridge.

Converting these files to AIFF works in my situation the best.

Assuming that you keep the resolution of the file the same when you convert FLAC to AIFF, that is strange. Could you give more details about your network? I play hi-res FLAC files all the time via the Bridge with no ticks; I get tiny dropouts (probably what you are calling hiccups) maybe once or twice a month. I have static IP addresses for everything, with AQ Vodka cables between my NAS, the Apple Airport Extreme switch, and the DS.

Yes hiccups ==> dropouts (i hate them)

Convert from FLAC to AIFF with the same resolution.

Right now i have made a local setup NAS short cable (cat 5e) ==> switch ==> short cable (cat 5e) to DS.

Dlink router and static IP for the DS.


I don’t want my response to sound snotty; however, I play mostly 24/96 HD files but also play several 24/192 FLAC files via the bridge, without any problems, on a regular basis. I am looking forward to the new, improved bridge, but think the current bridge is unfairly maligned. It can and does work.

I’m way short of a network expert so I’m incapable of trouble shooting other people’s problems. I do know this forum offers solid troubleshooting tips like assigning static IPs… I did have to employ all those tips to get things to work. In retrospect, it’s a PIA, but was worth it. There’s no going back for me. Good luck!!

Yes, there is plenty of help here on network issues. What seems strange to me is that AIFF files work for the OP but FLAC, at the same resolution, causes trouble. I’m not a Mac user so I never use AIFF files. Does anybody know if there is something different about them that could explain this??

Given that FLAC is compressed PCM (smaller files), AIFF is Apple’s lossless PCM (bigger files) and the bigger file is streaming better I doubt it is the basic network setup.

I would look first at your player.

Some servers, including MinimServer that I use, allow one to transcode FLAC to WAV before sending it off to the renderer (Bridge). I find that this sounds better. As I recall, I did also get slightly more dropouts than when I had the Bridge do the transcoding–but that was a while ago, so memory may not be perfect. In any case, lowering the workload on the Bridge might help.

My (test) setup is now really straight forward.

Amsco15 can you guide me in which forum i can find the tips?

All the things i read in the forums ( till now) i tried without succes.

I did the same thing that magister suggested, lowering the workload on the bridge.

The AIFF is lossless uncompressed.

The FLAC is lossless and compressed ( more workload for bridge!?)

I did not try different levels of compression in FLAC format.

Sorry, I wish I could navigate this new web site. Don’t know what made it from the old to the new site. Gordon listed lots of tips on how to configure networks for the bridge.

Don’t know what software you use, but I use JRiver and JRemote. It took a while, but with the help of an article at Computeraudiophile, I got it set up. Now the network doesn’t run without issues, but it works well enough. And when a problem occurs, I can fix any issue with a UPnP reset: no big deal.

There are too many variables for me to comment, I just don’t have that debth of knowledge. All I know is that it can be done with a modest level of skill.

Ok thx amsco,

Maybe someone else can respond on this (Paul or Ted).

I checked my network setup several times using different switches (100Mb, 1Gb HPpro) different routers (Apple Air,Dlink).

Create a dedicated test setup with only connected the DS, router, switch and NAS (all wired with UTP cat5e).

I can stream all formats except the HD 192/24 flac files without hiccups or ticks.

(Converted to AIFF is a lot better.)

From my observations it is likely a network issue, although it then makes little sense that converting to AIFF from FLAC would solve it. If FLAC skips and AIFF does not, that might point to the Bridge itself running out of horsepower. Let’s check with Dennis.

With 192k FLAC the bridge horse power is maxed out, so any network timing issues might show up as pops.


Ok thx Dennis and Paul,

I think Dennis is right (With 192k FLAC the bridge horse power is maxed out, so any network timing issues might show up as pops).

The other streamer I have plays the 192k Flac without problems.

But the SQ of the DS is of an much higher level :-)

Hereby some pictures from the other source which play the 192Kb/24bit Flac files flawless



So the network i think is not the problem.

Will this problem be solved in the Bridge2??

Yes it will be solved with the Bridge 2.


That’s what i wanted to hear :-)

When will it be launched?

That’s a management decision. We are not ready to beta test them yet, but soon.


For several reasons (no gapless Play, occasional hickups) I´m done with my bridge. On the other hand, I don’t like to have my netbook running all time long if I want to listen to highres files (for redbook I´m using my Sonos ZP 90).

The basic idea of inserting a bridge into the DS without any additional cable is very smart. @Paul: Is there a chance to get the bridge II latest on Christmas? And will it be in the price range of 1.000€?

We are hoping for December, yes. Should retail for $1,000 USD in the States.

I like those names and yes, we intend to call it something other than "the Bridge’. Thanks for the suggestions.