POLL: Does MQA Sound Better than Non-MQA?

POLL: Does MQA-Encoded Music Sound Better than the Non-MQA Version of the Same Source Material?

  • MQA Sounds Better
  • Non-MQA Sounds Better
  • I Do Not Hear a Material Difference
  • It Depends

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It might be interesting to compare the new 24/96 FLAC non-MQA download of the Beatles’ “White Album” versus the 24/96 MQA version of the “White Album” on TIDAL. I am listening to the TIDAL MQA version as I type and it sounds good, but I would hope that the download would sound better on my system. Might be time to take the plunge and buy the 24/96 “White Album” FLAC file set. . . .

I think the 24/96 download sounds great but the problem is it’s a really unevenly recorded record. Much of it will never sound great and some of it: Blackbird, Happiness is a Warm Gun, Revolution 1 sound outstanding.

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Do not like MQA, waiting for Qobuzz to integrate w/ Roon. That can’t happen soon enough. Brett turned me on to JB Radio2 - 24/192 and man does that sound great SQ and mix of tunes. Love TIDAL - not a fan of them going MQA. Going Qobuzz may limit the more non Jazz & Classical tunes. There is never a panacea, reason I love being an audiophile. I may just try Qobuzz for half a year… just can’t stomach MQA.


Most files on Tidal also have the non MQA version in my experience. You don’t like MQA due to SQ or the business side of it?
What, and where is JB Radio 2? Free or fee?
If in the US, as far as I am aware, Qobuz is still not available. I had someone check some artists/groups for me, and Qobuz does not have them. I am wondering if when they do get here, they will get access to what is missing. It might have to with labels having regional territories.
I recently got Audirvana, which includes I think it is 3 months of Qobuz. I would prefer not to have to pay for both monthly, but still cheaper than buying the downloads, or CDs, etc. I too am looking forward to checking them out.



  1. SQ definitely, business yes very fake sounding…
  2. JB Radio2 commercial free and free
  3. Was aware of Qobuzz in US, bigger issue is Roon integration. I love Roon w/ Nucleus+; amazing step up w/ AQVOX SE switch. I saw the light about great SQ streaming when I added those two pieces of gear with Sbooster linear power supplies and AC10 to P20.

IMHO - SQ is all about power and interconnects. More so then bit/rate.
A tad heavy on bass… :notes:

Also, use the website for what is playing and playlist, url is short on pics and tune being played info. You can use an mp3 url to station for song being played; however, 24/48, not 24/192 Most stream w/ iPad so launching in Roon and monitoring in browser is not a stretch… :+1:

MQA is just an elaborate (and lossy) noise-shaping CODEC most appropriate for streaming data through narrow pipes; it’s expected that the inventors will do whatever possible to market it to achieve their profit motives, including conjuring up a sonic-alchemy angle to the story.

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