Possible to reduce gain on BHK power amps?

With the Red Cloud update to the Direct Stream the white noise was audible.
So I enabled the 20 dB pad which eliminated the audible white noise.
But now I hear the “crackels” when playing SACDs with the DS volume near the top of its range.

If the BHK had 10 dB less gain I suspect it would be ideal in my system.
I doubt it can be easily done but worth asking about

(I am not interested in adding a preamp or inline pads).

Crackles / noise has been posted in a couple of threads in the Directstream forum discussing RC and particularly SACD. Ted Smith has commented why it is happening (and whyit doesn’t happen on all formats and all SACDs) and suggests turning the volume down to minimise/eliminate the crackle.

I understand there will be a fix at sometime.